Monday, May 04, 2009

More than a club

Esta mañana estaba en el supermercado y una mujer árabe me miró, vio que llevaba la camiseta del Real Madrid y se rió. Así de bajo hemos llegado, señoras. En casos así, lo único que queda es reconocer la superioridad del rival con deportividad. Como homenaje, he compuesto una canción dedicada al Barça. La he titulado "More than a club".


What a great game you played
You made Bernabeu your kingdom
Hadn't seen so many shots
Since that night with OJ Simpson

Iniesta, Messi, Xavi
Such incredible passing game
Juande's head was spinning
like Nelsinho's car on rain

You're more than a club
You represent a nation
Even though one of your main men
runs the Franco Foundation

You have the class and seny
Real Madrid will never have
Pig heads on the field?
Man, let's move on from that!

Let's not even talk about Figo
That was obviously a theft
Say what about Rivaldo?
That's a whole different case!

Your record would even be better
without the that little f*cking man
The one whose hand you always shook
when you won the Spanish Cup

Best club in the century
Winningest in the land
Zero World Champs still?
Well, there'll be time for that

Your future looks bright
You never choke under pressure
I really trust them guys
like I trust in ZP's measures

Pep is an amazing coach
Winning is his prerogative
And unlike that guy Van Gaal
Pep Guardiola is always positive




Haters said...

Ahí queda eso. We'll be back, b*tches!

Chazman said...

No podía ser menos y aunque no me ha dado tiempo, dado mi extenuante y repetitivo trabajo, a meterme en harina a criticar OMT a todas las tías por gastarse el dinero en cosméticos en vez de en ir al gimnasio (otra vez los cuidados pasivo, buaaagh!), voy a aportar algunas estrofas más a este temazo.

Prima la forma sobre el fondo, soy un esteta que le voy a hacer.

Eleven kids against eleven men
We all know what happened then
Barcelona played their f*ckin best
And poor Real had to give the rest

This is the story of a league far too long
Where Real and Barsa played ping pong
Best Barsa ever will be the champ at last
Now it's Chelsea time, to win is a must

But Chelsea is not a bunch of youngsters
Lampard, Drogba & Ballack are monsters
They know how to suffer, but also how to play
Is Barsa going to throw it all away??

haters said...

Me ha parecido muy light, Chaz.

Palabra de verificación: Busts

Ale said...

No está mal, pero no meteria a Ballack en una estrofa ni para una chirigota de carnaval. Es el mayor centrocuentista que he visto en mi vida.

Quic said...

Barry es el típico negro que va detrás del matón del barrio diciendo: "Sí, tío, te vamos a patear el culo".

Almunia es mierda.

Palabra de verificación: pingums. ¿Chicles de alfiler?

Chazman said...

Sois un público j*dido de verdad... Bueno, ahí van cuatro estrofas más, que me han costado bastante por cierto, que tengo más oxidado el inglés que los cromados del Titanic.

Today is the great day, remember the song?
They've almost made it, they see themselves in Rome
But since last champions Barsa has lost twice
Maybe today they're squashed like mice!!

Abramovic spends money, his way, non-stop
In everything he does wants to be on the top
Last year made a final, with the team he has created
Even some of his players are clearly overrated!

He wasted tons of pounds to get rid of his wife
Man, you're Russian, didn't you think of a knife?
Now he has a new one, a very sexy gold digger
Another divorce? He'll have to pull the trigger!

I read he lost a yacht the other day playing poker
If he loses again he might become a smoker
He can't lose again, it doesn't matter if it’s soccer!
Maybe the "noir" Drogba tonight is his JOKER!

PD. Palabra de verificación: Fookemos!?

Haters said...

He wasted tons of pounds to get rid of his wife
Man, you're Russian, didn't you think of a knife?
Now he has a new one, a very sexy gold digger
Another divorce? He'll have to pull the trigger!


Chazman said...

Estoy inspiradísimo... Dedicado a Roman Abramovic!

You've got, cars, yachts and you're rich
Ex Safin's is nothin' but a skinny bitch
You're around 40, good looking, should be a fucker
But you waste your time with that cock sucker!!

Anonymous said...


Por cierto, Oliveros ha estado un poco soseras, parecía Manolo Lama celebrando el de Piqué.

Es hora de dejar atrás al Nottingham y al Benfica, e ir a por Ajax y Bayern!


PD: Word verification: Webart. Me recuerda a cierto árbitro noruego...

Haters said...

Según Carlos Martínez el pecho de Piqué va de muñeca a muñeca.

"Le ha dado en el pecho claramente", decía.

A fucking embarrassment. Un disgusto tras otro. Brrrrr.