Thursday, August 24, 2006


De estos dos raps escritos en las Navidades de 2004 por sujetos anónimos, cuál es mejor? Opinen.

Canción navideña

Hey b*tch, stop that amateur deepthroat sucking
Now I'm in the mood of slapping and fist f*cking

Look at the snow, watch the christmas tree
I’ll sniff the first, on the second I’m gonna poo & pee

I'm going hard and stylo rapin’ like super Kobe
Supersize your titties, you filthy pornstar wannabe

Supab*tch, don't-be a f*ckin' fugazzi
Now I'm gonna relax like chachi Patxi

Smoking like Snoop & Melo Anthony
High as Hook Mitchell from a VIP Lakers balcony

Ron Artest is da best, f*ck the rest
Vodka and orange juice is my daily request

***** is a rich b*tch, no doubt
but he is my friend till the end, so check this out

Can I say what even retard hookers understand?


I'm God

You know & I know
I'm the hottest thing since Sisqo
Cause right now
I'm on fire like that Argentinean disco

Ain't no denying that,
you motherf*cking b*tches
What? Don't believe me?
You gonna need some stitches

If you don't think I'm the best,
don't get next to me
Or you'll soon be bleeding
like my hands in New Year's eve

Nobody can't stop me,
and you know I ain't no snitch
I go hard like a tsunami wave
in an Indonesian beach

What I'm able to do
nobody has been before
And if you don't believe me
You'd better f*ck off!



Haters said...

Como siempre, disculpas por las bromas sobre tragedias.

El humor nos libera.

Hans said...

Oh. No sé que decir ante semejantes despliegues de ingenio, elegancia, buen gusto, precisión versificadora.
Bueno, si: Damn' all those motherfucker rappin' bitches, screwdrive their rotten brains!!!!!

saltimbanco said...

My taylor is rich and my house is beautiful!!!!

Álex E. said...

Triste intento de aumentar el número de b*tches mensual. Un gesto muy bajo, incluso para ti.

famobyl said...

Esto es un poco hacer trampa similar a las de las Encuestas de Opinion Publica que salen en la TV. Si es que.....lo que dije ayer, esto nos va a llevar un poco a "quien sabe donde".

rapper-in-jail said...

but he is my friend till the end,
help me out would ya?
build a hip-hop penitentiary for we-all-for-once

-que el humor me libere-

Haters said...

Rapper in Jail, who are you? Ajero?

rapper-in-jail said...

La operación (y no triunfo) f*cked-me-up.
all questions to my lawer, pls.

-algo de asturiano hay, btw